School Library System

School Library System 2.0

School Library System is a data entry program for tracing library books

School Library System is an excellent program developed by Nitin Softwares. This program was developed for use in libraries and especially school libraries. The main aim of this program is to trace all of the transactions related to book lending and returning.

The program is very simple with many data entry features. You will be able to keep all the library members in a database in terms of ID number, name, age, class, division and date. All book specifications (such as ID, book title, publisher, price, subject and author) can be recorded as well. When a student borrows a book, a simple sheet must be filled in, including student's and book's IDs, dates of issuance and return and book's status (either returned or not). When the book is returned, another simple form should be completed, which includes member's ID, book's ID and the return date. Unreturned book report will appear each time you open the program to show you all the books lent and their return time. This program will help you to trace all the books and to have these returned at their specified time.

To protect the program, you can use the default username and password (provided by the developer), although you can add, modify or delete any user and thus be sure that the program will be used by authorized people only.

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